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Committed to Reducing Waste

Kerrigan’s Mushrooms plan to increase the Product Yield (kg) per tonne of Compost by 5% by the end of 2022. The compost produced from the mushrooms is in high demand by farmers for spreading on their land, Kerrigan’s manages the distribution of the compost.

They also plan to increase Dry Recycling Rates in kg by 30% by the end of 2022 with improving and keeping up waste segregation on site.

Focused on Promoting Health and Nutrition.

Kerrigan’s continue to Promote Healthy Food Options on Social Media by posting three healthy recipes to Facebook and Instagram every week, encouraging their followers to cook up a healthy meal.

Committed to Encouraging Biodiversity

At Kerrigan’s, 100m of Hedgerows have become established and maintained regularly. Kerrigan’s are committed to maintaining the native hedgerow boundaries by planting in any gaps as required. They also ensure no herbicides or pesticides are used at the base of the hedgerows to provide for insects & birds.


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